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Why can't people deal with getting caught in the ...

Why can't people deal with getting caught in the moment? We're not robots. You can't live every second of your life without ever being preoccupied. Why are there so many trolls who ...
  Posted 10 months ago .


Situation of people in Venezuela

will the people in Venezuela will have freedom and food and lives like 40 years ago?
  Posted 14 days ago .


Costco..........I have misplaced/lost my ...

costco..........I have misplaced/lost my membership card. Whatis ths next step ? JOAN FRASER, 1600 cr-329, GRANGER, TX 76530 TEL. 512-869 7023
  Posted 39 minutes ago .


When will we live in mars?

when will we live in mars?
  Posted 3 days ago .


Saint Louis Race Riot Aug. 19, 2014. - Rocmike arrested, released on bail, will likely go to jail!

NAACP and Black Panther militant racists tried their worst to provoke a bloody race riot in Saint Louis, Mo., and failed. Saint Louis police arrived to prevent the threatened ...
  Posted 1 day ago .