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What is the best way to plan evening meals for the week?

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Good morning Lydia,

I'm afraid you asked the wrong person. the one thing I never plan are meals. I live with a law student who keeps weird hours pounding the books so I don't know what she wants to eat or when she wants to eat.As for me ,come evening,I open the fridge and whatever strikes my fancy ,that's what I eat. one day steak, another day chicken, or just soup and sandwiches.. If nothing in the box looks interesting, I simply send out for pizza or Chinese take out. My meals,like the rest of the activities in my life,is spontaneous,not planed.

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First of all you need to lower your carbohydrate intake in the evening. But you can increase fiber from vegetables. Also, some proteins are not bad too.

I try not to eat much in the evening because the body slows down the metabolism and everything you eat builds into your fat layers.

Make sure you don't eat too late because your body won't have the time to digest the food properly. Light smaller unobtrusive meals are just right.

Make yourself a nice salad and open a can of tuna on top of it. Not a bad snack for the evening if you ask me - nutritious and delicious! :)

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