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Spanish Food

We love Spain and Spanish food, which has allowed us to share our enthusiasm with all of you.

There is nothing more traditional Spanish than jamón serrano. This country ham is a national treasure enjoyed in Spain by all walks of life. You find jamones wherever you look - hanging in stores, bars, and even private homes.

Spanish "Tapas"

The Spanish ´tapa´ tradition is as important for the conversation and company as for the delicious Spanish food. Every Spaniard has his favourite tasca, as the tapas bars are often called, where people go regularly to meet their friends or business acquaintances. Tapas can be found in even the smallest bar in a tiny village.

The word tapa, meaning cover or lid, is thought to have originally referred to the complimentary plate of appetizers that many tascas would put like a lid on one's wine glass.

Spanish tapas can vary from simple to complex and include cheese, fish, eggs, vegetable dishes, dips, canapés, and savoury pastries. A reasonable quantity of tapas can make an excellent meal.

Spanish Recipes

Today, the international scientific community has validated through unanimous recognition the benefits of eating plentiful amounts of Mediterranean foods, of which traditional Spanish food like olive oil, legumes, cereals (rice pasta and bread); fruit, vegetables and nuts; cheese honey, milk and fish are good examples.

Here you have some traditional Spanish recipes.

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