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What are the signs of a too ripe sweet potato? I cut into one dark skinned one that oozed a sticky white substance. what is that?

what are the signs of a too  ripe sweet potato? I cut into one dark skinned one that oozed a sticky white substance. what is that?

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They really don`t ripen, they just grow big enough to be used, much the same size as u see in the grocery store. All potatoes r hard and somewhat tasteless when raw, no matter what the size. Once cooked and other ingredients added, then they r edible. They don`t ripen like an apple or a tomato.

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All I would think is that it is not good.  Never seen anything like that.  An old sweet potato would probably be soft to the touch as opposed to hard.

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Hollis, Thanks for your answer. I had it in the cupboard for a while, and it felt the normal firmness, but the white stickiness made me wonder. I did find a site that explained that it was the starch, but the site didn't tell me if that was good or bad. So I cooked it for dinner tonite and--you were right. It didn't taste good. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good. It must have been just too old. Thanks again for taking the time to answer. kathe

No problem Kathe, Glad to be of help.

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