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How Can I Prepare and Cook the Perfect Chicken and Turkey?

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There are many ways, of course!  When I was an institutional cook, I baked a turkey every week.  The most economical way is to place the turkey in the roaster BREAST DOWN (after you have rinsed it clean, of course) in the roaster.  Then empty a large can of chicken broth over it.  Cover it, and bake.  When it's about done, turn the turkey over, put the oven on broil and let the broiler brown that beautiful skin that's on the breast. 

Last Thanksgiving I soaked the turkey in a salt water brine and then baked it.  That was also very good.  The turkey absorbs the salt and thus retains the moisture.  But of course, that is added sodium! 

A roasting bag is also very good. 

Here's a method for making the turkey the day before and then roasting it in a cream sauce, if you want to be a little less anxious on the day of your Occasion:


Cream Sauce for Turkey
Bake and debone the turkey. Put the meat in a turkey cooking bag, pour the following mix on top:
          1 can of Chicken Mushroom Soup
          1 can of French Onion Soup
          1 can of Cream of Celery Soup
          1 stick of margarine    
          1 pint of  half and half
Seal the bag and bake for 1 hour at 325 degrees, the day you want to serve the turkey.
This mixture will cover a 12 to 16 pound turkey  

I cook turkeys and chicken the same way and they always come out great.  Rinse and dry the bird inside and out, place in roasting pan. Cut garlic bulbs with the paper skin in half (1 for a chicken, 2-3 for a turkey), and lemons with the peel in quarters (2 for chicken, 3-4 for turkey), stuff in the cavity. Stuff fresh thyme and sage in between the garlic and lemons and the breastbone, tie legs tight.   Soften a stick of butter, mix fresh parsley(rough chop) or dried, about 1 T dry, a handful fresh, into the butter.  With you hand (rings off), separate the skin from the meat by the breast, do not remove skin.  Push the parsley/butter mix in between the breast and skin and back towards the neck. Tuck the wing tips under bird.  Tent legs, wings, and breast with foil to prevent burning.  Cook per package instructions, remove tents 1/2 hour before removing from oven to allow browning.  Save drippings for sauce or gravy. Let bird rest before carving. Enjoy!

We always marinated ths turkey one day before, after rinsing inside and out, we put salt, butter, garlic, pepper, mostard inside and out and red wine, and we put paprika on the skin of the turkey, this will make the skin crispy, and we cook it in low (250) degree, this will cook your turkey from inside out, and will not dry. and the chiken depends if you want the breast, legs or entire chiken, you can do it the same way, but for legs I use a lot of lemon, because they smell. I love chiken breast without bones or skin,I breaded them and fry them.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you to cover the turkey with aluminiun foil before you bake it.

this is my very own recipe.. please try this.

"chicken macao"


soy sauce

salt and pepper

Luffa acutangula 




saute onion and garlic. add 2 cups of water. put chopped chicken and let it simmer for 30 minutes. add at least teaspoon of soy sauce (just to give color to the dish). taste with salt and pepper. add luffa acutangula and let it cook for a couple of minutes. that's it! serve hot!

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