Kelloggs for some reason has discontinued their seasoned croutons as of June 2010, and we are having a very hard time finding a comparably seasoned crouton.  Please call 1-800-962-1413 to complain and request that they bring them back.

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Maribeth Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I am sooo upset.  They have put a big dent in my Thanksgiving!!!  Please let me know if you find anything comparable.  I don' know what I am going to cook now.  Others just don't taste like that.  It is an old time family tradition.

Maribeth Wagner 

Margie Gazinski

I agree.  We found some packages at No Frills that were shipped prior to being discontinued so we bought 20 bags to get us through the holidays.  We have tried other brands but have found all of them to have too much Sage if they are seasoned,Cry and then if they are unseasoned the stuffing ends up too salty.  Please call the Kelloggs hotline to complain...if they get enough calls they said they may bring them back on the market.  The best option we found was the Earth Grains Seasoned, but still not the same.


I just found out they are not making it and did find a very close stuffing mix.  It's Country Pride cubed seasoned croutons.


Sorry it's Home Pride not Country Pride.

carol that's the problem....after looking for them in several stores in the Chicago area, my daughter called me in Memphis for me to look in the stores deed I find there were none here either....oh my....a family tradition for sooo many years.....I will call Kelloggs for sure....

unhappy girl

my mother-in-law just informed me she cannot find them either and she has used them for years. My husband is not going to be happy bout that. If there is something that tastes fairly close please let us know...

Patricia Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I have done my part to try and get Kelloggs croutons back on the market by calling and making a comment about them not being available any more.  I was devastated when I could not find them. It's all my mother and Grandmother used for stuffing and salads.  Please call  1-800-962-1413 with your comment to get them back....

Pat Gooden

Thanksgiving was a disaster. I bought one of every type of Stuffing crouton I could find, brought them home, tried each one had my husband (the stuffing junkie) try each one and he thought the Homepride Seasoned Croutons were closest, until we cooked them in the turkey.  They are made from WHEAT breat which completely ruins the taste, they have an unseasoned one too but since I had no idea what Kellogg's used to add to their's in the production of these magic little cubes I was afraid they would turn out too bland. Guess I should have given those a try instead because the wheat flavor definitely ruined the stuffing.  What's up with Kellogg's, I know it sold well, everyone was always out of them if you needed an additional bag/box, packaging changed periodically.  Bring Back Our Croutons Kellogg's.


my thanksgiving dinner was ruined because i had to use a different was to say the least mother and I have used these for years please please bring them back  loretta

MaryJane VanEvery Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I am sooooo very upset that I can't get Kellogg's croutons anymore!!!!!  That's all my Mom used to use and all I ever used!  Last year's stuffing for Thanksgiving was aweful!!!!  I just can not find anything comparable to Kellogg's!  I've tried many different brands---I have turkey quite often and always have to have my stuffing with it -- and nothing out there is any good!  I agree with Margie above, some have wayyyyy too much sage in them!!!  I definately will be calling Kellogg's and I'll make sure my sister's - who also only used Kellogg's - get the number to call and complain also!  My Momma is gone now and that's one family tradition I always wanted to carry on from her!!!   Boooooo Kellogg's!!!!   BRING BACK THE CROUTONS!!!!

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