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Food addiction

i got a puppy on june 7 it was 2 months old runt of litter of 5 they said she never played and always hid now she plays with us wants constant attention but when we walk her she growls at other dogs and my other question is she has food issues she was very underweight when i got her vet said sh needed to gain about 5-6 pounds she wants to eat constantly anything we have if i go near kitchen she could be asleep and comes running to eat is this something we can change or result of her past i'm afraid she will be too big has gained 8 pounds vet says she is ok but if this continues will she be overweight goes to dogpark or gets walked daily which is hard because she hates dogs

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She's a growing pup - she might be growing fast and would need to eat to keep up with it.  If the vet says it's ok, then it's probably ok. And you never said what kind of dog she is; if she's going to be big, then the fast growing could definitely apply.  Also, if she's making up for lost time while she was under weight.  This food thing doesn't have to be a problem unless you feed her too much.  As long as the vet has checked her for illness that shows up as being hungry all the time, then feed her good quality food and she'll be fine.

The growling at other dogs and not liking other dogs is a dominant behavior.  She is being dominant over you/your family, and she's letting every other dog know that you are HERS.  Have you ever watched the Dog Whisperer?  He deals with this all the time.  The trick is to let her know that YOU are alpha dog, not her.  It's all about the energy you put out with her.  In your posting I detected fear.  Being driven by fear could allow you to put out energy that is picked up by your pup as needing to be dealt with -- that she needs to be the strong one, the one to protect you.  But if you give out the energy that you are confident and in charge, then she doesn't need to do it for you.  Watch the Dog Whisperer a couple of times and you'll most likely come across this.  It is very common.  Good luck with your pup!!

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