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Can chestnuts be frozen? In the shell that is. I know they can be frozen shelled but I want to know if they can be frozen with the shells?

can chestnuts be frozen?  In the shell that is.  I know they can be frozen shelled but I want to know if they can be frozen with the shells?

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Yes you can. I would do it before roasting.  Just like anything else, they are subject to freezer burn after a while. I would say one to two months max as far as how long to hold them.

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I agree that they can be frozen in their shells. Just place on a baking sheet, freeze for 3-4 hours then transfer to bags. Desfrost overnight in the fridge then leave out at room temperature for an hour or so to "dry" off. Once frozen they are best used in recipes rather than plain roasting but if you decide to try to roast them, don't forget to pierce the shells. There's a whole bunch of chestnut recipes at http://www.recipes4us.co.uk if you need some ideas.

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