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How was the King Burger made at the Icy Root Beer Stand in Springfield, IL?

How was the King Burger made at the Icy Root Beer Stand in Springfield, IL?

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Dick, I bet if the place is closed down, you are only going to find it one of two ways. You can ask a former employee, if you know one, or the ex owner or do the fun thing and try to solve the mystery yourself. Buy what you can remember they had on it and try to assemble it in that order. May not work the first time, but how much can you mess up a burger. I bet you can make it  better too, and think of the fun you will have.Remember some of their sauces they used wasn't nothing but Thousand Island Dressing. Let someone else clean up when you're through.

Your direction,not your intention,determines your destination

Unfortunately I agree with you on that point.

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