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When I flush my toilet the water rises instead of ...

When I flush my toilet the water rises instead of going down. The water in the toilet then goes down.I tried the auger and nothing is clogging the toilet. Any ideas?

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You probably need a longer plumber's snake because there is definitely a blockage in the sewage line, All plumbers have one; the ones sold to homeowners are not long enough. 

Rosie makes a good point I wouldn't use a snake but an auger.  The next step is to use a plunger which I'd rather use than any of the above primarily plungers won't scratch the insid of the toilet if this doesnt work the next step is to pull the toilet turn it upside down and visually inspect the throat of the toilet. Sometimes when using a auger it passes thru or by the restriction and so you never actually fix the problem.  I've seen ink pens get lodged in the throat that when you flush collects the paper and makes the water come up but when you auger the paper is pushed off the pen and the water returns to normal. Using a plunger will turn a restriction enough at times to unblock the toilet and away goes trouble down the drain.  If this doesn't work then pull the toilet.

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