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Florida Condo Swimming Pool Law

Why do we have to have a rope across our Condo Swimming Pool in Florida. They say it is to indicate where deep water begins for young children. Are there any rules about the young children that must be followed with this rope up?

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Dear Ms. Hayney:


Thank you for your e-mail and for your concern for the safety of bathers at your swimming pool. 


Chapter 64E-9, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) is the rule that govern the design and operation of pools in Florida.  Chapter 64E-9.006(1)(c)2. of that rule requires that a slope break line (tile stripe) be provided at the slope break and that a float line be provided two feet from the slope break toward the shallow end of the pool. 

Chapter 64E-9.008(3) F.A.C. requires that the float line be kept in place except when a lifeguard or instructor is present.


A slope break is not often provided these days in new pools because most pools are no longer built with a diving board or diving bowl.  The slope break line and float are required when the pool floor slope changes abruptly from a gentle slope to a steep slope, thereby enabling the pool depth to be great enough for the use of a diving board.  No slope break may be provided in less than five feet of water. 


The intent of the tile line and float line is to notify bathers that the pool floor slope is about to change drastically as will the pool depth.  While the line may restrict children from the deep end, the depth is already five feet at the float line and over the heads of most young children.  Adults that do not swim well will benefit as well, because the water will be over their heads also once they pass the line.


From the information that you have provided, I am not sure of the contour of the floor of your swimming pool.  If the pool floor does have a slope break, the tile line and float line are required.  If there is no change in slope, then a slope break tile line and float line is not required. 


The code is silent on the issue of children in the deep end of the pool, so I can not address that matter. 


I hope that I have answered your question, but if you have additional questions, please feel free to call me.


Thank you again for your e-mail and for your concern.


Robert Pryor

Environmental Specialist III

Bureau of Water Programs

(850) 245-4444 ext. 2369


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I read through all the info and nothing mentioned the divider rope.  It did mention that the County Health Dept has rules.  I emailed and asked about the rules regarding this divider rope.  I will let you know what the answer is.  Also I will call the health department next week for an explanation.   Dolores


I think it is also a bit up to the lifegaurd's judgment at the facility if there is one. 

Most Hotel pools and condo pools in this part of Florida do not have life guards. Signs are posted swim at your own risk.  Dolores


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