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Is Florida Lifestyles Cash Flow 4 u legit?

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It is my opinion that Florida LifeStyles Cash Flow 4 U Gifting Program IS NOT LEGITIMATE!  They plainly state that "They make certain that you make money" on their offering; no such program can do that!  Further, they plainly state that it is not a chain letter, which is doubtful.  However, what they do not state is that this is a pyramid scheme, which means that one person has to recruit others, who have to recruit others, ad infinitum to make money; this IS DEFINITELY illegal!!!!  They have an "F" rating with the BBB and are refusing to answer the BBB's repeated requests for information about their company. They also don't give any phone number, which tells me they're hiding, even though they are a corporation.  You may be able to get a phone number for them and find out who the CEO or President or Chair of their Board is by inquiring of the IRS.  I suggest you call the IRS for this information rather than trying to get it from their website; the IRS' phone number is (800) TAX-1040 or (800) 829-1040.  Finally, in almost 30 years of trying business opportunities, I've had businesses like this go out of business right from under me regardless of their business organization type (e.g., sole proprietorship or individual or corporation). . .with my money and my investments!  

I was going to join this program, but was warned against it in a dream last night, which made me think very carefully about all of the above.  And let me tell you, I'm a dream analyzer very similar to Joseph in the Bible, with similar results among family; I hope I end as well as he did!  I published four volumes of my dream journals this year, spanning over three decades of my dreams, on amazon.com's Kindle Store, entitled, The Interpretation of Dreams Vols. I through IV.  You can see free previews there by typing in my name in the Kindle Store at http://read.amazon.com/about and you can purchase any of the eight (count 'em, 8 [!]) books I published on amazon.com this year alone, which doesn't include my Pulitzer Prize contender of 2009!  My name is Donna Lee!  My website is: www.africanamericanwriterscommunityandfund.g2gm.com   Some of the first dreams of my life are recorded in Vol. I!  All my new books, including one on astrology, which I've been studying for over 40 years, or since I was around 12 years old, have black and green covers on Kindle.  There are other Donna Lee's there; don't be fooled!  

If you'd like help analyzing your dreams, I might be able to help you, free of charge, as long as I have the time.  If there are too many requests I might have to start charging a fee for my services.  So don't delay, if you're interested!  Start your New Year off right!  I intend to!  My e-mail is:  avataress@msn.com  I will NO LONGER BE ON FACEBOOK!


I have since reconsidered Florida Lifestyles Cash Flow 4 U program.  I have decided to try it.  If it works, I will report it here, although I don't think anyone is paying attention to this.  Cheers!

I got my personalized flyers today from Florida Lifestyles Cash Flow 4 U, about two and one half weeks after I sent in my $30.  I'm starting to send some out on Monday with another offer that gives a 25% discount on all the name lists you order and pays you 15% five levels deep (!) when others order.  I've also come up with some other secrets to get people to open the offer.  One secret got me to open the offer from my upline.  I'll keep you posted.  If you want my secrets or the mailing lists offer, you'll have to contact me personally (See above for my contact info; is anybody here?!)Cool  Cheers!

On page 30 of the instructions for form 1040 for 2012 from the IRS, it states, in regard to line 21 of the 1040 form, "Other Income," that gifts are non-taxable.  It gives other info. too.  Check it out!  Further, see this link about how much in non-taxable gifts you can receive from each individual that exists (!) without having to pay taxes on it or the giver having to pay taxes.


So gifts from Florida Lifestyles Cash 4 U are probably non-taxable and you probably don't need to pay taxes on them.  DISCLAIMER:  I am not a tax professional and am NOT giving tax advice; this is just some information I came across!  Check with your professional tax advisor about the above information if you are interested!  Cheers!

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