Where flies go when it's raining?

I have never seen flays in the rain. where flies go when it's raining?   

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I used to work outside in the MidWest and it would often rain during the late summer months.  I worked in a tent selling produce, which (of course) attracted a lot of insects.  Whenever it would rain we would suddenly have a ton of flies sitting on the counter or walking around on the plants we sold on the side.  I have the feeling that, in nature, when it rains, the flies do what the rest of us do......they hide.

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I did some searching, but did not come up with a convincing answer.  The "best" answers I saw were from Yahoo! Answers, which I try not to cite unless they themselves cite a source.

The general opinion was that flies do hide, as mercutiom says.  That does sound reasonable.  It also seems that they can avoid raindrops -- or that the raindrops exert a pressure wave that diverts them aside.  But since I too haven't seen flies in the rain, I tend to believe that they find shelter rather than fly between the raindrops.

Thanks for all the fish!

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