Dfrogpont idiot wanted

Need dfrogpong aliases to give some stupid remarks As anonymously..Go for it you idiot

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American Patriot did you take a break from posting under your Rocmike aliases? You still have about 12 hours to go.

It doesn't matter if you post under your Rocmike aliases or your American Patriot aliases your mental illness is evident. You are one of the biggest racist right wing hate mongers on AOL. What has made you so hateful, bitter and alone.

All of use that post under anonymous Answers are liberal cowards

I'm a dfrogpong aka with a stupid answer

Liberals:If you stop telling lies about conservitives we will stop telling the truth about you ! The pen is mightier than the sword, unless you're actually in a sword fight!

anonymously Coward aka dfrogdung this post will save you a lot of time because all of your aliases sound the same and use these words over and over. These are some of dfrogdung's aliases, pete, jerhomo, mrs jerhomo Packard,I hate America, Idiot at large, PattyP, Friend of the Frog, Frog Waste, king obama, Idiot of AOL, , Obama's flub, Clinton's dog, Alfred E. Obama, B. Hussein Obama, Bam-Bam, Barack Insane Obama, Lahore,Bobblehead-in-Chief, Bowing Barry Sotero, Captain Clueless, Anselmox, Humblehomo , anonymous, Commander-in-Thief, Che Obama, Dr. DoNothing, Empty Suit, Queerbee, Gollum and His Imperious Majesty Barack the First to name a few. Dfrogpong PLEASE COPY AND PASTE AND USE--------------------------ATHEIST ATHEIST LEFTIST ATHEIST ATHEIST RACIST ATHEIST ATHEIST RACIST ATHEIST ATHEIST HITLER ATHEIST ATHEIST LEFTIST ATHEIST ATHEIST JEREMIAH WRIGHT ATHEIST ATHEIST. MUSLIM ATHEIST ATHEIST BIGOT ATHEIST ATHEIST GOD DAMN AMERICA ATHEIST ATHEIST CROSS BURNERS ATHEIST ATHEIST STALIN ATHEIST ATHEIST KKK ATHEIST ATHEIST BLANK PANTHER -------Obama is my God i WILL KISS HIS ASS

Dr. DoNothing Anonymous coward aka frogscum, another long lonely day and night of posting under different aliases going to old questions and answers and repeating the same over and over. So far I have seen your aliases mrs jerhomo packard, frogcrap, jacko*f, Boyking and Anonymous Idiot,idiot at large GET A LIFE

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Oh, the hilarious irony

The only thing Rocmike wants is for everyone to stop pointing out his aliases and the sad lonely pathetic life this schizo has.

Is this the best AOL has to offer?

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