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Flamers, bigots, frauds, and hatemongers . . .. Everyone is familiar with these obnoxious leftists, who always call themselves euphemistically, "Activists, heroes of the working class, opposers of ...

Leftists are by definition "wannabe" war criminals.  There is nothing more to leftists than that.  They do not want to be "justified."  They wish to strike back violently against what they have been taught is the source of evil throughout the universe.

Leftists hate America enough to resort to violence.

Do you doubt me?  Then please explain why a leftist liberal names James Holmes boobytrapped his apartment with lethal homemade bombs, went to a theater, opened fire, and murdered at random without cause.

That may be the only war crime that Holmes could devise, but there have been other "wannabe" war criminals and terrorists.

The thing is, they could not have become "wannabe war criminals" without leftist liberal indoctrination.

Everyone pays the price for leftists and their mindless hate.

If you do not master your destiny, it will master you.
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