Fish tank: What is the white/grey fluffy,sticky stuff growing ...

What is the white/grey fluffy,sticky stuff growing on the gravel in my 55 gal fish tank and how do I get rid of it?

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It sounds to me like some sort of fungus, but it is a bit hard to know from your description. Does it seem to be increasing? Do you think it is disturbing the fish? What kind of filter do you have in your tank?

I would suggest cleaning the gravel, and replacing as much water as you can. Also, take a sample of this stuff to a local fish store (preferably a place where you know you will get good advice), and ask them.

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We just had the same problem and never ever had this problem before, even with goldfish in there (and they're dirty).  We put the goldfish in the pond and now have gourami's and a couple other fish in the tank.  We just emptied out the water cleaned everything off really good, but still saw some white crap floating in there.  I would love to know how we could get rid of this in case we didn't get it all. frustrating!!

I wish I knew.  I have a piece of drift wood bought from the pet store that no matter how many times I clean it this puffy white cloud like stuff keeps growing back.  This is a new aquarium so I thought ammonia was up, it was less than 1 ppm.  I have done weekly water changes (about 20-25% The water looks fine and the fish dont seem to mind it.  No nitrate yet so this tank has not cycled.  any advice would be appreciated.  Am I slowing down the cycling process with too many water changes? 

i have the same problem with white fluffy stuff....but i have 2 aquatic frogs so im a little it them or something else :S

I have the same proplem i have 1 live plant 3 fake plants gravel a stone from my drive way(I boilded it for 15 minutes) 2 male guppies, and 4 females(All Fancy) I have whisper filter and some kind of heater. oh btw it is a 10 gal

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