What kind of fish are there in the sea of galilee (kineret)?

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There are believed to be some thirty-five species of fish there.  The most common three are:

  • catfish
  • musht fish
  • sardines

I hope this helps.

There are a few more:

  • Grey Mullet
  • Silver cap
  • Kinneret bleak
  • Damascus barbel
  • Large scale barbel
  • Longhead barbel
  • Jurdan St. Peter's Fish (known as Amnon)
  • Galilee St. Peter's Fish (known as Amnon)

Tilapia, carps catfish sardins and river gobbi

Tilapia, a type of perch is also known by the Italians as St. Peter's fish; and is found in the Sea of Galilee

  • Kinneret bleak
  • Damascus barbel
  • Large scale barbel
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