What kind of fish bite people?

Today my husband and  I were swimming in a lake called Lake Sherwood in Michigan.  It is a private lake.  First I felt a bite on the strings of my shorts and then my husband got bit on the nipple by a fish - can any tell me what kind of fish it might have been. 

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There are many fish that bite. Most fish bites do not hurt, because they do not have teeth! This site is great at explaining what makes a fish bite. It is most likely nothing to worry about.

My husband had bite marks and was bleeding.  So any ideas of what it was or what kind of fish it was?

did you ever find out?  this happened to me this past weekend but on both nipples while swimming in a river.  bit both nipples and both where bleeding.

I was also bit by a fish.  I was swimming in Burnsville Lake in WV.  First it was like a pinch and then it bit again, harder.  It really hurt.  My husband said it was minnows.  I said no way and got out of the lake to take a better look at it.  It was bleeding.  The bite was about the size of a 50 cent piece.  Swollen and purple, like a 'hicky'.  The outer edges bled.  I actually took a picture, I didn't think anyone would believe me!  lol

yep. i've totally had this happen to me. was wading around one summer in lake lanier in gainesville,ga and a fish bit my nip. that sh!t hurt....my nips was bleedin too. i know what kind of fish bit me. we call it a brim down here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluegill  those little suckers hurt. more startling than hurt, really. if this happens to you, it means you're lucky. go buy a lottery ticket

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