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The Nobel Peace Prize has been severely tarnished in recent years.  Most of us have to wonder if it is now a prize for sheer malignant bigotry. 


Some who earned the Peace Prize but never got it are:

  • Mohandas Gandhi. 
  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
  • Father Sanchez (martyred in Nicaragua).
  • William Peterson (PuR Water Purification Systems, Proctor and Gamble has been distributing these kits free of charge wherever people are dying of thirst).
  • Tanner Walston (developed bicycle logistics to transport grain bags long distances where trucks are routinely hijacked).
  • And thousands more who actually deserve that prize.


Where it was once a prestigious award for humanitarian accomplishment, it has recently been awarded to Yassar Arafat (terrorist, bigot, leader of the PLO, self-proclaimed mass murderer of children), and Barrack Obama (nominated for the Prize six days after he was nominated for the Presidency -- which he has since ruined). 


Human beings are faulted and make very bad mistakes.  Two of the worst they ever made were with Arafat and Obama -- both the very surliest of mindless bigots and liars.


The rest of their bunders are their failure to recognize genuine acheivement.

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