Mr. President

Whoeverhas the gold > makes the rules !!

No one will read my thread if it's posted in the fish catagorey...this needs some northern exposure baby<>

Found about only one third of the goldfish I buy live to adulthood...anyone know of a better attrition rate formula? This is for ouside coy / carp in a 8'L x 4'W x 2'D unfiltered fish pool which gets plenty of fresh rain runoff from the roof. ?

and my cats have fur all over their little cat bodies....

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I totally agree with logan. Its very true. Keep sharing.


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I hear Obama's a zionist what ever that is - An Israeli nazi I guess. Of all the names he's been called I think I'll go with that one.


But I think I'd rather think about a fish pond I always wanted one. Maybe a cheap little pump might help, set it up where it shoots up a fountain. If you have an asphalt roof its possable that could be a small problem it has a lot of oil in it. Just about everything takes oil maybe thats part of the problem, the way it sounds that Country of Israel doesn't have any, maybe they would be nicer people.



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