Who is S finkenberg is it Sandra or an earlier Finkenberg?

I have just got a picture (pen and ink) signed S. Finkenberg.  I saw some one trying to sell one with a number something of 200 on it.  Mine has no number but it is signed.  It was called a church in new york city.  The back of the board has a stamp of S. Finkenberg watercolorist, with a telephone # of 679-8772.  It also states Animal and human portraits.

It seems as though it is in 1950 or 1960.  This seems to be too old for Sandra Finkenberg could it be a father or some other older realitive?


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Dear Ruby.

I cannot find much information on Sandra Finkenberg but I did find three of her paintings on a website called Wyndhamfinearts.com.  If you contact them on the internet I am sure they will be able to help you with information on the artist.  Hope this helps.

I too have a pen and ink signed by S. Finkenberg. It's an overview of the city complete with the World Trade Center in the background.  If I'm not mistaken, I bought it from the artist himself in NYC in 1982-3. for about $8.00 (I can't recall the entire conversation but at the time, I was under the impression that I was buying from the artist himself.)  He was set up as a street vendor probably in front of Lincoln Center and it was bitterly cold. I was motivated to buy it both by it's incredible detail and the disbelief that this level of talent was living at what appeared to be this level of poverty. It is a print, not original but impressive work just the same.

The painting is probably an original by Sandra Finkenberg, an established artist who began her amazing career working in watercolor during the 60's and then progressed to moving landscapes and other realistic themes in tempera.  However, there were many copies of her work  sold throughout the city without her permission. If you have an original, you are fortunate to be in possession of a great American contemporary artist's work! 

That's the old phone number of Sandy - the local area code was 212 and the number was actually 679.8122.  Maybe she was purposelly fudging her home # (put yourself in the shoes of a good looking woman artist selling her pictures on the streets of nyc in the late 60s early 70s) or you are misreading the two 7s.  That's incredible.  Its certainly not from the 50s. Sandy was born 1941/2, she did no begin selling her artwork until the very late 60s.  You have a gem, its wonderful to hear.  She by the way continued to sell her work on the street as did her entire family (a very large one - she bore 6 kids) until the early 90s - and the street peddling peetered out slowly thereafter.  There's a million wonderful stories like this on the streets of NY.  By the way - she lived like an artist but its by no measure something to be called poverty.

Sandra Finkenberg actually did not sell her art on the streets, but there were others who sold some of her original work at various street shows during the beginning of her career.  Her work has been shown in various galleries around the world, and she has had a very successful career as an artist. Hang on to that painting, and I am sure it will be quite valuable!

A few years ago I saw a wonderful exibition of her work in Soho.  There was one particular painting that I would have loved to have purchased but it was well out of my price range.  A very talented artist indeed.

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