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Individuals who will help people financially for second chance, contact me at flwrwomn@yahoo.com .

individuals who will help people financially for second chance, contact me at flwrwomn@yahoo.com.

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i could use a little help

i am in recovery. last year when i finished treatment i was appointed as the primary care giver for 2 children who's mom was removed from them due to drug use and lost her parental rights because she did nothing that the family court judge asked her to do in order to regain her rights. i am happy to take care of these kids (ages 10 months and 2.9 months old). i do not get paid for this, but i do live with them rent free. my problem is that i need new contact lenses and cannot afford them. i've been wearing the same broken down glasses for the last 4 years and my eyes are getting worse by the minute. would anyone be willing to help me get new contacts? i need contacts because the baby is fascinated with my glasses and is intent on grabbing them off my face. i would assume the price for the exam and lenses would be somewhere in the area of $200 give or take a few dollars at walmart. i would be deeply grateful if someone  would find it in there heart to help me out. you can respond to me at the email address of: wirszylas@yahoo.com.  my first name is susan. thank you for your consideration. if you do not think this is a worthwhile donation, i understand. once again, thank you.



I am in a domesticly violent relationship that I cannot end until I can find some kid ofarhly Angel to donate at least 1,000.00 or any amount for that matter; Just to hold me over long enough to start my new job and be financially able to leave this man to begin an independent lifestyle in peace on my own. I am financially dependent on his money (not that much, either), but just enough to supplement my SS Disability money. For that little bit of money, I must endure his yelling, screaming and anger every day.(It never ends; but I can't survive without enough of a financial miracle, so then I can end this abuse I endure.)  He claims I am being abusive to him when I use the money for needed necessities like cat food, litter, Little things like a bus pass or stamps. I don't know how or even "if" I can leave him without a financial miracle from an earthly Angel's help.   Sincerely Beth Batz. Please send any money you could help me with to Mary E. Batz at 279 Plaza Drive, Middletown, Connecticut, 06457.     Thank you so much!

It's just really hard when u can't find a job,there are none. I've worked hard all my life,im a caregiver for the elderly,an i love what i do. my passion is to make other's happy. i had my job for 10 year's,an lost it when my parent's died. i tried to get it back,they would not hire me back. Most facilities have compassion ,other's don't. I just need some help,with bill's,food,car insurance,just everything. i do have a job lined up,im just so far behind,until i can start getting paid. i hope an pray that there is i angle out there that can help my family and I. my email address is;danadd18@yahoo.com   Thank you so much!

. I’m 50 years old, worked all my life since I was 17 years old. I wanted to go to Law School, but had to work 2 jobs to help my mother and 4 younger siblings.  In the last 10 years I was working for one of the mayor banks in P.R.  In august 2010 had a work related accident which prevents me from working. My salary was 7.25 per hour. Now I’m only collecting 60% of that salary for the next 4 months. After this I have to wait for the Workers Compensations to qualify me for Social Security benefits; that it will not be higher than $1,000.00 per month and it could take up to a year before it’s approved. My mortgage alone is $891.27.  My basic utilities are $650.00 monthly. Besides the pain of my injuries, the financial strain is unbearable! Sometimes I go 2 or 3 days without sleep.

I don’t like to take sleeping and pain killer pills, but at times I have to take one Ambien in order to have some sleep and shut off my mind. It’s hard to have to deal with the electric and water company every time I have my services cut off.

.  I’m in the verge of foreclosure. My life is falling apart and it’s so frustrating for me because I can’t do anything to prevent it!

It’s hard for me to accept that I can’t work anymore; the feeling of being useless is horrible! lilyethlily@yahoo.com



I have started trying to build my life back after a series of unfortunate events in my youth. I am now 30 and I have a great job as a caregiver in a private home caring for an elderly lady for $10 an hour. Unfortunately my student loans from 10 years ago keep me back. I got my degree but i can't get a job because people are reluctant to hire people with a bad credit rating for fear they would steal. I have never stolen anything, I don't have any reason to lie and I am good to people, so I always wonder why I must suffer so. I only have $9000 student loan owing but I can only afford $50 per month ... but the interest is $300 per month so it's not even a drop in the bucket. A financial advisor and bankruptcy place told me to stop paying until i could get a lumpsome payment. I would love if someone can pay it for me without asking interest and i PROMISE to pay back. It is however gonna take me 7 years to rebuild my credit and clear that debt and get a better paying job...but it's the interest thats keeping me back from ever getting it gone. if you can help me, i have started by saving $1200 so far but i know later down the road taxes is still gonna rape me of that... i also need to start thinking about retirement saving. you can email me at angela1_ca@yahoo.com

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