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Lately I have spent considerable time online, having been recently introduced to Yedda. I see legitimate people in need and we possess wealth beyond measure. If successful in assisting others in ...

I just found this very interesting post on Yedda and was wondering if an individual was found by The Wisest Mom and was finally considered best as a recipient for assistance financially. I can say that I ma not such an individual since I do not have a mortgage, student loan, or even have an auto loan to pay off. I live off my retirement annuity and my small monthly Social Security check and my wife and I are happy to have what we do but with the economy as it is many like us will fall behind as our retirement money seems to no longer go as far as it once did. We are in our sixties and finding jobs to be able to add to our retirement fund today is very difficult. I have often thought that it would be good for some philanthropic person or group would setup an annuity with small monthly payments into individual retirement plans after they had retired would be of good benefit to those seniors who work all their lives and then find their Social Security even with their retirement money is not enough. We are the old work horse that has been attempting to bite the carrot on the string on a stick just in front of us and now we are too old to walk and pull the wagon any more. I know this is long after September but I am curious to know if you found the person that you looked for on Yedda.

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