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How much is a fine for leaving scene of accident ...

how much is a fine for leaving scene of accident for a fender bender in new york state?   it was a snowy and rainy day, verry icy and my first fender bender and my first accident adn only accident ive had. i was turning into the plaza where i work at waldbaums. and i slid and not even hit her. then i rolled down my window asked if she was okay, she waved and i apologized and asked if she was definately okay and she waved me on(thinking okay, not a problem) so i went and parked in front of the store because i was blocking traffic going into the plaza where waldbaums is.  i waited a half hour thinking maybe i should wait, and i did.  i saw no cop car and no car come back so i went into work because i was running late...and i got a summons 2 weeks later saying i "left scene of crime"    some people tell me i should've called the cops but i had no information on her and i was so nervous adn scared that i didnt remember what she looked like all i know her car was like a jeep liberty or something that shape.  she claims her back bumper has styrafoam coming out of it, but i only had a lil crack, and the police report i got from the fbi that can to my house had no time when it was written but had the time when it happened..

now my question, how much would it be if there was a fine for leaving scene of accident and what will happn at my summons date? i have a summons date on march 10th and am very nervous about it.


please help!!

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