Female non pregnant Pygmy goat with swollen udders

Hi!!!  I am hoping someone can help me.  I have a 2 year old female Pygmy goat and a male castrated goat.  The last heat she had was 2-3 weeks ago she was bleating horribly. Now she has developed swollen udders (they are soft and pink) and swollen belly but is not acting distressed.  She is eating some grains and foliage (we have 20 acres) She is protective of her udder and belly so I am unable to examine her well. What are the considerations?   Thank you so much.

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Go thru this yearly. She is having a false pregnancy and hormones are running rampant. My vet did give her some sort of shot, but I don't know what it was. That took care of it. Poor little thing. I know what it is like.


We did have to milk her out several times eventually as she was starting to get mastitis. (Her udder was full and very hard). Milk came out like cottage cheese and at that point he had to use antibiotics in the bag. Thin tube goes right up the teat and meds dispensed that way. Better to get it nipped in the bud than let it go too long.

Minimare3, thank you for your advice.  I will continue to keep watch over her.

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