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How much tetracycline do you give a cat

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Asked: Why tetracycline staining is more in or effect ...

why tetracycline staining is more in or effect permenant teeh than primary teeth and especially central incisors if taken during pregnancy?

Asked: Yellow teeth from tetracycline

my teeth are yellow from tetracycline i'm 49 is there a home remedy to whiten them? how can i whiten my teeth?

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can reoccuring feline bladder infections led to chronic renal failure?

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If it concerns you, take the cat to the vet. Oddly enough, cat and dog saliva has healing properties.

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the bear told it not to

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You need to jump in your car and take her to the vet because that's not a good sign. And here's a surprise. While many of us here are extremely knowledgeable, we are NOT vets.