Why are my feet and legs swelling and my toes turning red?

Ok, here's the thing. All of a sudden yesterday (6/3/08) afternoon my ankles and feet swelled to the size of softball and the tips of my toes are red.  I propped my legs up last night to sleep and the swelling went down but my toes are still very red.  Also, I can't help but to think it is only a matter of time before I start swelling again.  This has never happened before; not even when I was pregnant (14 1/2 years ago). Can some one please give me some information? I will go to my doctor as soon as time off from work permits which will probably be next month.

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Cindy, when you go to the doctor. be careful to accept a prescription for medication, especially if he isn't absolutely sure what is causing this. This is normally called inflammation, the swelling is a result of inflammation. This could be caused by your body changing as you get older, and may be cured by something as simple as a vitamin or mineral supplement. I have a web page on inflammation. There are no advertisements or offers, just about four or five videos on inflammation. Also there is something called "campho phoenique" you can rub on your feet for pain, before you go to bed. Its over the counter on one of the shelves, ask a pharmacist my page is http://lonnie.messer.googlepages.com/inflammation

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Don't wait to go to the doctor.  You might be sicker than you think.  Check out this link from the US government National Health Institutes website on foot swelling.


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Could be edema (fluid retention).  This can happen because of high heat and humidity if your circulatory system, or your kidneys are not working well.You may find the wait impossible, because it is hard to find shoes that fit and accommodate that swelling.  Get to a doctor ASAP.

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I would advise you to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Do not wait until next month if possible. The swelling could be related to your heart and poor circulation. Your toes are probably red from the swelling, which could decrease the blood flow to your toes. You see, your body is an amazing thing and giving you signs that something is going wrong. Red toes are your flashing caution lights. Go take care of yourself. Meanwhile, keep your legs elevated as much as possible and stay away from salty foods.

Make a Bee Line to your doctors office tomorrow.  What you have described doesn't get put off for a month.

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