What do you do when you feel like your a failure and your future seems hopeless????

So im 19 yrs old, and I feel as if so far im not getting anything accomplished in life! School is so stressing and it feels like im not gonna be done with school in forever!!!! Im so confused, At first i wanted to major in psychology, but now im thinking in majoring in either religion or business. Its scary not to know what you want to be in life or how your going to end up  in the long run. Apart from all my other family and financial problems, why does life have to be so complicated!? =[

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Im sure you have some kind of smaller accomplishments, and im assuming youre talking about college so you got done with highschool, alot of people dont finish highschool or ever get their GED so thats something. dont stress too bad about what you want to major in for the first few semesters knock out core classes and just be looking for a field that you are interested in and then take classes that are more specific twords that. ive been told by many middle aged people with degrees that it doesnt rally matter what youre degree is in most people just look at the fact that you have one. hope this has helped

Your young, and you have made an accomplishment already, you made it to 19teen and you have your whole life ahead of you...anything you experience, anything can be a learning tool for your future...never let the downs overtake you...take the bad and turn it around for good...just getting up each morning and being able to take a breath, and you can put your two feet on the floor to get up that is an accomplishment, and I don't know you but your question was one I asked year's ago, and it was a great question...have a good day as tomorrow is not here yet and if you make it through today that is an accomplishment...

You have a great start at 19. There are people in there mid 20's that don't know what they want to be when they grow up. People change there majors many times over You should find time even if it is a hour a week for yourself for something that you enjoy doing to get your mind off all these worries. Talk to your family Dr. Good luck all will work out.  Cindy

In this day and age if you've made it to 19 unscathed, you've accomplished something.  You put too much pressure on yourself.  Even with school, life should be fun.  Go out and make some fun.  And just like the next person says, just take core classes till your are more sure what you want to pursue.

So, I am 23 years old, am no longer playing bagpipes professionally, have just finished 1st year phyics (which nearly destroyed my emotional state) and I do not know what I am going to do with my life. I believe the lesson for both of us is to continue with an eagerness to explore as much as possible. Clearly, within the subjects you are considering exploring you express an interest, you just haven't found that perfect fit. Nor have I. The acceptance of limitations is deflating, the acknowledgment of the futility of an ultimate understanding hurts. But you must accept that these limitations are the best indicator that you must try other things. You will realize when you are studying the appropriate fields when it is not burdensome to do it. By the way, time away from certain subjects may bring you back to them. I am not a doctor, but your statement compels me to ask whether you are depressed? I know that I was after first year. I had put an immense amount of pressure on myself because I come from a poor family and I aspire to be the 1st one with a PhD. However, it creates undue anxiety and a deterioration of mental prowess to dwell on the other components of life. But these do exist, so you must accept that they exist and manouvre well with these things in mind. Do not allow peripheral issues to cause you to burnout and not accomplish what you set out to.

If you find my advice helpful or to commiserate on similar struggles [ piper_gordon@hotmail.com ]



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