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When will I feel better on Synthroid?

How long before I feel better on my Synthroid? My TSH  was 2.7  feeling very tired, foggy and sudden increase in weight of  atleast 7lbs in 6 weeks with no change in diet or activity levels. I have the Post Partum Hyperthyroid and my aunt had her thyroid removed so there is a history for me.

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Hi There Lynn,

I'm taking synthroid also for hypothyroidism.  Mine has been very difficult to get under control, and my TSH has gone as high as 30.7.  When I was initially diagnosed, my dosage of Synthroid needed to be adjusted a few times, so it took me a while...a few months to really notice a sugnificant change in how I felt. 

I really think it's an individual thing though, and result vary depending on how quickly and individual responds to treatment. 

I don't think you mentioned how long ago you were diagnosed or how long you've been taking Synthroid.  Also, if you don't mind my asking, what was your initial TSH level at the time of diagnosis.  The level you mentioned sounds as if it is within the normal level, however I believe that also depends on the individual.  My Mom and I both have hypo-thyroid disease and we feel the best when our level is around 1.0.  My Dad has hyper-throid disease and he is symtomatic is his level is much lower than 4.5.

It's really important to let your doctor know when you do start feeling better so he can work with you to keep your TSH at a level that works best for you.

I've been battling this disease for nearly 10 years now, so I'm speaking from personal experience only, but I hope it will help to answer your question.

God Bless and I hope you feel better real soon!


I found out on the 17th of August this year about my thyroid being 2.7 and my cholesterold being sky high and am taking 50 mcgs of Synthroid and taking fish oil for my cholesterol. I had my thyroid  be over active  after my sons were born and took PTU for a  few months and no longer needed it after that and they are 10  now. I also  have Fibromyalgis and Osteo Arthritis and  will turn 40 this year I feel too young for  all my health issues YUK! My aunt had some issue with her thyroid and had hers removed ( I cannot  ask her about her as I do  not know where she is or if she is still alive at this point). I will not see my doc again until 6 weeks from now. I do not feel bad but  only slightly better in I seem to be  sleeping  more restfully which is a start. Thanks!

Hi Lynn

This is a very common feeling with hypothyroidism.  The truth is that it can take months before you feel back to normal but you can do other things (as well as taking your synthroid) to help you feel more energetic and lose weight.  There are herbal supplements you can take and certain foods to eat and certain foods to avoid.

Have you researched this on the web?  There's a great book by a woman who gained a ton  of weight and felt very depressed etc. from a thyroid problem so she made this diet and fitness plan and is now back to normal.  Have a look - you may find your answers there:


All your fitness questions answered

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