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My ex and I broke up after three ye My ex and I broke up after three years of being together, he has a new girl but he always rides by where I hang out, always wants to talk to me and tells me he ...

Are you really that naive ?  "Actions speak louder than words" and his actions say he started new life with a new girl.  If he really wanted you he would have left his girlfriend (for good !) and do his best to return to you.  He is not doing it, that means that he wants one thing from you.  You sure know what I mean !.   You sure deserve better than that.  I wonder what would happen if you tell him loud and clear: "Listen, don't play with me, if you really wanted me you would end your relations with the other girl and tried much harder to get me back.... If you do it I'll consider what to do, untill then better hit the road and get out of my life !". 

Love is the battery of life....
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