How would you feel if you were talking to someone on the Internet and then found out they weren't who they said they are

How would you feel if you were talking to someone on the Internet and then found out they weren't who they said they are

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On a dating site, I once made a fake profile to talk to a guy I kept messaging, but who consistently ignored me and never returned any of my messages. At one point while pretending to be someone else, I asked about whether the people who messaged me would message me again if I ignored their messages, he said that some people do and he mentioned the real me and said that he really wished the real me would stop messaging him; I wonder how he would have felt if he knew I made the fake account.

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Do you understand that what you did was wrong? Angry, furious, disgusted, creeped out, violated, used, stalked, betrayed... do any of those have meaning for you? Let's hope so.

Andy, you are one strange dude. Your therapist must be overwhelmed.

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