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I always feel that people hate me or im not that kind of a loveable person hw would i knw if im right or wrong?

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Really now, how would we know? The only thing I know from your question is that you're insecure. Here's what to do. Ask all your friends. If you don't have any friends, then everyone probably hates you. Why should they, though? Are you an asshole? A bully? A drug addict? A politician?

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Maro, Our instincts and intuitions are rarely, if ever, wrong.  If you feel that people do not like you, then you are getting that message from somewhere.  Trust it.  And work at being nicer to others as well as yourself.  You may come across as someone who is angry or bitter because you feel that others do not like you.  Force yourself to "act" happy and be kind.  Act your way through that good behavior until it becomes your everyday demeanor.   Another thing you can do is stay away from phoning and emailing and texting anyone for about a week.  If no one phones you or texts you or emails you in that week, then you can be pretty sure that what you suspect is true.


Make sure you are not physically unkempt.  Smell clean and be clean.  Brush your teeth several times a day.  Use deodorant.  Wash your hair.  Speak in a low voice and think of the other person's feelings first before you speak.   Try acting like a nice guy until you become one.  It works.

Hi Maro,

Your feelings affect your demeanor i.e. your appearance to others and your treatment of others.


If you keep thinking that people hate you or do not love you, it's highly likely your response (conscious or otherwise) will be defensive or downright hostile.


To know if you have been right or wrong, you will need to first correct this feeling you have of others.


Reverse your feelings, tell yourself (and believe it) that people like being around you. They do not have to love you, they simply have to accept you for a start. Test this out with family members and friends first, then colleagues or schoolmates.


When you perceive and believe positive vibes from others around you, your own demeanor should change from your current negative emotions to emanate friendlier and more approachable tones.


It will become a virtuous cycle instead of the vicious cycle that you now live in.


Try it. If you really want to know and to change your situation. Change begins with you.


All the best!



Shyness is not incurable!

You are who you think you are. If you love and accept yourself, others will love you too. If you think you're not very loveable, you'll act in away according to what you believe, and others will not like you so much. So the key word is love and accept yourself just the way you are. In order to get there, you need to know and grasp that God has created you and He loves you and accepts you without you trying to be better or nicer. He loves you just the way you are no matter how you look or behave. Give Him a chance to let you understand this. It might also be helpful to talk a counselor. Good luck :)

Jesus is the truth, the way, and the LIFE

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