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How to feed 5 week old puppy- got puppy today it ...

how to feed 5 week old puppy- got puppy today it was a rescue dog- no mom- we adopted a little girl. we have been trying to feed her (we were told that she was eating puppy can food mixed with dry food- so we mixed some up- put it on a dish, she lapped a little bit but then started to cry) so i mixed a bottle with puppy formula and warmed it and tried to feed her from the bottle with no responce- am i doing something wrong? what do i need to do to get her to eat? please help!

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The puppy is clearly scared. Usually puppies are not taken from their mothers before 12 weeks so clearly your puppy is traumatized from the lack of motherly love and feeding. I would think the best thing you can do is to leave the food out for as long as necessary until she eats. She will eat when she's hungry (unless she's sick; in which case, you'd have to take her to the veterinarian to get medicine to help her feel better). I might also think mixing some soft plain white rice in her dry food may tempt her to eat. Also make sure the dry food you are feeding her are small bites, as it's possible if the food is too hard or too large, she can hurt her teeth (which she may have done already and would explain her crying).

I hope this helps.

Animals are man's best friend.

OK, this question was posted 3 months ago, but I know ppl are googling it, and I so hate to see ppl get wrong answers to their questions. HarrisF has great intentions, but she's way off the mark.

OK, at 5 weeks old and no mom the dog will be confused and anxious. You need to do a few things to ensure the health and life of the animal now.

1) Since you don't know it's history, start the pup on doggie formula for a week, feeding every 3-4 hours. Here's the recipe:

1 can (12oz) evaporated milk (or same size goats milk)

1 cup water

1cup plain yogurt (not lowfat)

3 egg yokes

1 tbsp corn syrup (never honey)

Small servings, don't bloat it. Start slow, maybe 1/2 a shot glass then ramp it up to a full shot glass at every feeding if it's showing signs of hunger.

2) Depending on the dog and how well it is taking to the milk replacer, you can start adding a premium moist puppy food to the milk replacer. At 5 weeks you ultimately want to get the dog on moist puppy food at 6 weeks.

Keep lowering the amount of milk replacer/moist dog food every other day until you are giving the pup mostly moist dog food. Introduce the pup to water at this time. If you live in a city, please use bottled or purified water.

3) Since the pup was prob neglected, the teeth may be slow in coming. Let it bite your finger, and see how emergent they are. You will not be feeding puppy kibble to a rescue until it's comfortable with moist dog food and water as a daily diet. Buy a premium puppy kibble (they are small pieces) and if the pup has teeth and if it can bite hard on your finger, try giving it one nugget just to see how it reacts. If it crunches on it, you can slowly introduce kibble into it's diet.

4) Get it to a vet at week 6-7 and bring a stool sample. It needs to be checked out and shots and possibly wormed.

5) A baby pup without it's mother is a very sad thing, it needs constant attention and care. You will need to hold it and cuddle when ever you can. Yes, it needs sleep, but it also needs a mother. If you can't spend more than 16 hours a day with a rescue pup that's 5 weeks old, then you really need to call your local rspca or a humaine shelter to see if someone can take the pup. You may feel you are doing what is best for the animal, but a pup with no mother needs more attention that you can imagine. sadly, we all want to help a lost animal, but we sometimes end up doing more harm then good.

Oh, and please don't feed a 5 week old pup boiled rice. It needs fats and liquids. Rice will bind a pup up and possibly kill it.

And, HarrisF is wrong again (sorry). Pups are usually sold or given away at 8-9 weeks. Waiting until week 12 would be determental to the pups bonding to the new owners.

make the puppy food mushy with lacol or similar and she will eat . i have eight 5 week old pups and  they have been feeding since they were 3 weeks old

Check the hole on the nipple, gently open its mouth sqeezing  the bottle slightly to cause the formula to drip, not to insult you but use a bottle from a pet store and in between feedings grind up the dry and mix it w/ the same formula, make it mushy, getting the pup use to both flavors then as time goes by reduse the formula mixture,but after a week of no secess see a VET ASAP.

is baby food ok to feed a five week old puppy

is it ok to feed a five week old puppy baby food

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