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How do fedex employees (non pilots) arrange for discount air travel?

I'm a new employee with FedEx Express (warehouse package handler) in Dallas. I understand that FedEx has a commercial airline discount benefit for air travel. How do I go about using this benefit and is their a website that I can go to?

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All Fedex discounts and information can be found on the Intranet - meaning Fedex's internal website only accessed while at work. Any manager should be able to log you on. On the Fedex intranet homepage search for discounts or travel discounts and you will find what you are looking for.

On a work computer go on FedEx one and search "team member discounts" it will pop up. Depending on who you fly with will tell you what to do... some airlines you just need your supervisor's signature, and some you have to book through a 3rd party company, and some you can just call and tell them you are a FedEx employee.. 

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