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Rick Santorum: "I'm saying that local communities and parents should be the ones in control over public education, certainly not the federal government, and I think the state governments have not done ...

Only because the law makers don't give squat for the people.. They'd rather pocket the profits than pay for good teachers. Last week I ran upon a Teacher's College.. It was adjacent to Mickey D's hamburger college for Jr. high drop-outs. What was the difference between the two? The teacher's  college didn't require a criminal background check (I think it was one of those Santireddumb joint ventures)... (don't say joint' in the presence of a pseudo  christian you dummy!)..

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Rick Barnett Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Anonymous, when did you get your Journeyman cert and in what trade and what union gave it to you?  If you are that negative about education, you didn't take your training seriously. 


Pros take our training seriously.  Around my work you can get killed if you don't do it right every time.  The thing is others get killed with you.  We are working with power lines that carry 500,000 volts and steam lines that carry 6,000 PSI steam that is over 700 degrees hot.  A pinhole in those lines can cut you in half.  You wouldn't notice it until you hit the floor either.


That goes with anything you do out here.  It takes five years on the job to go from apprentice steam fitter to journeyman, and we get in house training and safety updates every morning before we even open our tool boxes.  I'm on layoff for the next two weeks but I was one of the last laid off now that we got the plant up and running.  The next job will be in Montana, and I'm ready to go any time. 


Unless you are very good at something, you won't haul down my pay and benefits.  Turkeys never make a nickel because we can't count on them or their work.


What do you do for a living?

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What the hell you blathering about pinhead? What does public education and an under-appreciative wind bag professional have to do with the price of condumbs? I continue to say that public education is obsolete.. When the importance in public educational institutions revolves around metal detectors, armed guards at every exit and abounding shirt tail punishments, while paying the teachers in peanuts then it's no longer a learning institution but an asylum. I said NOTHING about the  professional workers unless you hopped from high school directly onto an electrical high wire. And I've already given my years to the printing industry, so.. I'm not (nor never was) a welfare recipient but I've been close enough from time to time to understand their  plight and the generosity of a giving nation to save a life.. Remember this: Not every hand-out goes to frauds, most really need it (thought I'd toss in my pet project too).

Rick Barnett Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Anonymous, why are you so bent out of shape?  I just told you how it is working at steam power plants.  You don't get my kind of training outside the company OSHA and Engineering Meetings or the Union Hall. 


What Union are you in, anyway?  One thing is everyone in the Union has to be up to Union standards.  That makes a great thing a whole lot better.  We don't want turkeys here.  There is just too much that can go wrong.


Printing isn't close to high power steam.  That is really safe and turkeys can print, but around here we need professionals.

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Well, seems your piousness has gone to your head.. I in no way even insinuated about your profession, you just took it personal I guess. I am NOT negative about education, I'm negative in the powers that be who uses politics to train my child.. NOT your job.. Read my words more carefully and YOU try not to take things out of context!!

Rick Barnett Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Say what?  Piousnessness? 


We can't afford to take turkeys here.  Work with multiple megawatt steam and you suddenly see why you need professionals.


If you are just not up to Union minimums, say so.

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