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How can I get over my fear of skiing?

How can I get over my fear of skiing? I had so much fun my first time, but I fell during my second time and haven't been able to enjoy myself on skis since.

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Make sure and take a lesson from a pro ski instructor..That will help a lot..Of course, if you are close to Breckenridge, Co..I could be the one...

The novice skier may have good reasons to be fearful in new skiing situations. The expert skier, too, who has come upon a slope steeper, bumpier, narrower, rockier, etc., than attempted before is also likely to need to deal with the Fear Factor.

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Have you ever thought of cross country skiing? There are so many people in Minnesota that do it (including myself), and if you have never tried it, it's a great way to learn to love winter and not have to break your bank account.

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I was afraid of skiing too at first,and it´s impossible not to fall,nobody was born with a ski in his feet...I try this trick and it works...Everytime I feel that i don´t controle the snowboard(because I snowboard)I throw myself on the snow.It´s important that you know how to fall so that you cannot hurt youself.And very very important.You shouldn´t give up,because we see that it´s the most easy thing to do.You have to keep trying and it´s needed a lot of practise so don´t expect skiing on your first day.Well,in the second either.Once fear showed up it´s very difficult and many persons never ski again because they are scared.If you fall and nothing is broken,well,get up again and show yourself that if other people can do it,so can you.Don´t make of it an obsession,it´s soposed to be fun anyway.Good luck

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Look for a ski resort that offer lessons and teach the safety measures of the sport.

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Take a ski lesson with the person you are comfortable with or with a professional so that you may feel you are in good hands every time you fall. Just make sure you are equipped with proper gears to protect your self in case you will fall.

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