I cannot pull up my favorites from the old version ...

I cannot pull up my favorites from the old version.  I tried to go to favorites and import my favorites from the old version but it told me I could not do that.   I need assistance

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Old version or new PC,  and can use C & P to email and send it to yourself. Simple and you will still have the email if you need it again.

If that doesn't help, try going to SETTINGS and be sure the 'tool bar' is the same . . .  remember that you can use KEYWORDS, ONLINE HELP or call AOL tech support.


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Your not the only one. Keep a copy in your Documents. Open Favorites and at the bottom click manage. First on the list to save a copy to your Documents for easy to replace by using the second on the list. Other choices available. Put your Favorites in the order you want and than save a copy.

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Hi Curt: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. AOL Favorite Places are missing