How to make favorable web design page for search engine optimisation?

Hi, Can any one tell me How to make favorable web design a page for search engine optimisation?

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if you want to make Search Engine Favorable web design page then follow given rules which will help you to make Search engine Friendly web pages

1. Use of H1 and H2 Tag according Search engine policy.

2. Highly Quality Content

3. User friendly interface

4. Validate by W3C standard

5. make Sitemaps and robots.txt

6. Use webmaster and analytic code.

Hope my answer will help you to make search engine friendly web pages.

Kindly follow mentioned below


Add Unique Content,

Use proper H1, H2 Tag,

Add Robots.txt and submit url,

Use Google Analytic Script and webmaster tool,

Do not add Flash content,

For more details..

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