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Camilla Franks Kaftans

Anybody out there who love to wear Kaftans? Kaftan dress is basically two lengths of fabrics that are joined together vertically with space left for the arms and neck.Camilla ...
  Posted 7 months ago .


Hippies start wars. Always did, still do.

I refer specifically to a "rather colorful and charismatic" young leftist liberal named Saoth Sar -- better known as Pol Pot. He modeled his "politics" exactly after the teaching ...
  Posted 10 days ago .


How do democrats view Veterans?

Let the Democrat party settle that question for itself. Democrats have always held veterans in disdain. That is particularly obnoxious considering that they also start wars ...
  Posted 9 days ago .


Why we should not call a catholic preist father?

why we should not call a catholic preist father?
  Posted 1 hour ago .


Ubcr driver needed in northridge ca

  Posted 2 hours ago .