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I have reciently descovered that my 14 year old son is masterbating. Twice I have walked into his bedroom to finde him watching one of my pornographic DVD's. Im not too sure what to do, I have moved my DVD's into my garrage where he cannot get to them but would like to talk to him about this, also I am woundering if I should turn a bline eye to him watching my DVD's, I know as a 14 year old that I used to 'use' my fathers porn stash, but I think that maybe 14 is too young? But on the other hand if he is watching my DVD's I know what he is watching, whereas if I didnt allow him access he could be watching anything. Im at logger heads as to what to do, any advice would be greatly helpfull. Lewis

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knocking would help. unless you wanna watch your little man yank his crank. then you should seek some help(for yourself). He is 14 and it feels good, he is doing a fine job. Ask yourself this question. "Why did (You) buy the porn" My guess is it wasn't for the artisic exploration of your inner soul. (snickering)

Lewis i am 17 my self. i may not yet be an adult but from my experince. i got cut off from 1 stash i went 2 the books pics. wherre can i stash them and than online hell i think ur best bet is 2 leave him some vid's or pic's what ever u profer. but put something thats not 2 well xxx rated lol. but than agian i mean u gotta pick whuld you rather. let him watch what u give him and 2 make shure its like just a pair of tits. or let him watch stuff like full on shit. dicks hanging out sucking pussy's evewhere shit like that but i think mabby u shuld than he wont end up as mest up as i am. i do have alot of issues. my self but i truly think thats ur best. bet. dont let him know ur leting him do it but have a bit of a blind eye. and atleast you can rest ezy knowing he is watching what u give him ur in controll of it. but at the same time his not ganna be stupid. and his ganna accept that as i did and meenny arthers ppl cut us off we went 2 diffrent sources' and some of them ended up haveing kids and there from 16-22 years old. but yea thats the best advise i can give you hope some of this helps. dont take me word for word but it might help  you out a lil bit with some of the info in this. let me  know if it helps.

Really.  The above post is really uneeded.  I am an 18 year old male, who lived with a very conservative family.  I was never shown or taught anything.  I went onto the internet to discover everything.  I think that you should talk to him about masterbation.  ALL OF IT!!  You may even go as far as to teach him a few things.  Ask him if he has any questions.  Better for him to learn from his father someone he trusts, than the internet.

Good Luck

I do not see anything wrong with itm my dad caught me at 13, And I am greatful,I did not know what to do to get the white stuff after a talk my Dad explained everything and told me he still did it, So being curiois I ask him to teach me, Nothing happen between us, But Dad got a woody like me and he showed her how to use my hand and after a few minutes Dad got his and then I findly got mine, Dad told me when ever I wanted to come to him so we could do it together and not get caught, I did it with my Dad till I was 19 nothing ever happen between us, But I sure an glad he showed me at 13

even today at 35 we have did it together its a close bond between father and son

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