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Father sleeping with 14 year old daughter

What do you think when a father comes to you and tells you the he goes to sleep every night with his 14 year old until she falls asleep. I found this so uncommon. I think the father have some issues here. What do you all think about this?

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What do I think?


Bad thots.

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It's definitely not common, but there's just not enough information to make any kind of judgment on whether there are any issues. The daughter may have issues. You never know.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

In cavemen days, entire families slept together.  Was this healthy?  I think one has to look at poor families in poor countries who still all sleep together.  Many of those families live in one room houses.  If a father has slept with his female children since birth, and the children are comforted by it, then I would think it is perfectly alright.  Many poor societies have taboos against sexual relations between fathers and daughters just like we do.  It is not the sleeping in the same room or the same bed that is the problem. 

The father hasn't had many parenting classes or hasn't read any parenting books. This is inappropriate on so many levels. Firstly, she is not learning good sleep habits. Secondly, he is filling some need for misplaced intimacy at the very least. He might unconsciously be grooming her for an unhealthy emotionally-incestuous relationship, where she lives out his need for a special other. Finally, he needs to get a life, away from his daughter, let her grow up to be a normal teenager.

Not enough information.  A lot of children fear darkness, have sleeping issues, some are prone to nightmares.  You never know!  It could be totally innocent and good parenting on the fathers part so it would be a mistake to pass judgement.  But again, not enough info to say!

I agree, not enough info.  Dad may very well be fed up with putting his daughter to bed.  I know a dad who is still curling up with his 11 year old in order for her to fall asleep.  She is the one insisting on it.   Throws a temper tantrum if he doesn't.  They have been doing this dance since she was a toddler.   Ever see a 14 year old throw a temper tantrum?  Her dad may be stuck in the same dance and just not know to deal with her behavior.

Or where is mom?  Could be that mom died unexpectedly and dad is raising his kids in the shadow of grief.  Could be that the 14 year old needs that comfort and reassurance at bedtime right now.

Not every dad is a sicko, us much as we are quick to jump to that conclusion.  Many dads are trying very hard to do what they think is right by their child(ren).  We just need more info in this situation.

Where's the mother? the father needs to stand back this is not a good situation.  too many questions no answers

Not enough imfo. Anyone who would pass judgement without knowing the full reason is a person that is not well informed.

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