Can a Father lose his visitation rights, just because he is incarcerated?

Can a father's visitation rights be taken away because he is in jail?  My nephew has been incarcerated for Robbery for 8 years of a 12 yr sentence.  For the past two years he has been a trusty. My sister has been taking his daughter (GP) to visit him for the past 4 years.  The mother screwed up and lost GP to CPS a year ago and my sister (GP'S grandmother) retrieved her from foster care and has guardianship of her now.  The mother is 'disabled' (she is not...she is a welfare mom with 5 kids only 3 of which live with her) and lives off welfare. She is totally incapable of caring for kids (slob, lazy, etc) but she still gets her visitation, at set times.  CPS has now told my sister that she can't take GP to see her dad anymore, period.  The courts are going to award her joint custody with deadbeat Mama, and my sister will be the Custodial Parent. 

Can they take my nephews visitation away??  Doesn't a child have a right to see their Dad if they want to?  How can they take that away from an 8 yr old?

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It is possible for a father to lose his parental rights during incarceration, especially if he is not behaving well in jail. I'd suggest contacting an attorney who is well-versed in custody matters to see what you/your sister can do to make sure your nephew does not lose his right to see his daughter while he's incarcerated, as well as what can be done regarding the 'deadbeat mother'. You can find a qualified lawyer through the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers' website. Good luck.

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my daughters father is incarcerated for murder and is threatening me and telling me when and if he comes home he will take my daughter from me..can i take away all of his parental rights?

I agree as well that you should see or consult with a child custody lawyer . it is a delicate subject and laws change periodically.

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