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My father tortures me whenever i go to play video ...

My father tortures me whenever i go to play video game at the shop what should i do? i m 25 years old and i m only child in the house. i love to play HD video games. but whenever i go at shop for playing my father follows me after my leaving the house for play. and before leaving i inform my mother and my wife about it. but my father also knows that i m gone now than wiyh his vehicle he follows me and come into shop pulls my hair and insult me in front of my friends. and use the abusive language in front of my friends. and when i reach home he start quarells and tortures me that he will cut my legs and will tie me and never ever let me free. so what should i do plz help

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25 and married?  You are not a child anymore.  Stop playing games.  Take your wife and move into your own apartment and call the police and report your father's actions.

Report the criminal activity to the local police.  Take your wife and move into your own apartment.  Stop playing games.

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