Fast web browsers for old computers

Is there a good, fast browser (faster than Firefox) that I can use on an old computer?

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You didn't mention, but I'm assuming this old computer is running Windows - if it's a Mac, not much in this answer is going to be much use.

Opera is generally considered faster than Firefox, it runs basically the same engine on mobile phones so it has to be quite efficient.  Another option is K-Meleon, this uses the same rendering engine as Firefox but has a more lightweight UI.  Both these browsers are capable of giving you a full, 'modern' web experience, but you may want to experiment with the various options they provide for limiting the content you download (eg. turn off javascript, load images only from the website you're visiting) in order to speed things up.

If you're willing to sacrifice even more of the visual fidelity of websites, you could try a really lightweight browser such as Lynx (text only browser) or Dillo (graphical, but not very stable on windows).  Further options after that would involve installing some variant of Linux on the system, which will give you access to a wider range of lightweight browsers, but this would be a fairly drastic step.

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