Famous one-eyed people

I need names of famous people (real or fictional) who had or has just one eye. I can only recall Moshe Dayan, and that's not enough.

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Here is a short list:

James Thurber (1894-1961) American humorist and cartoonist. Lost one eye in childhood accident. Older brother shot him with an arrow. Gradually lost the sight in the other eye due to complications from the accident and cataracts.

Dale Chihuly 1942-) American glass maker. In 1976 he lost an eye in an auto accident. Although he can't blow glass any longer, he directs others in making his designs. Founder of Pilchuk Glass School.

Sammy Davis, Jr. (1923-1990) African-American actor, singer and dancer. Lost his left eye in an auto accident in 1954.

Sandy Duncan. Actress. One eye disabled following removal of brain tumor.

Peter Falk (1927-) American actor. Lost his right eye at age three as a result of a tumor

Edward Smith Hamilton: (1917?-2006) American war hero and undercover CIA operative. Hamilton graduated from West Point in 1939. At the Normandy invasion he was commander of an American Infantry battalion and in the march through France. He received the Silver Star and Distinguished Service Cross for his service in France. Shortly afterwards he was wounded in battle and lost his left eye. Hamilton subsequently received the Bronze Star and three awards of Purple Heart. He began a career as a CIA agent in 1950 in Taiwan and China. Nicknamed the “One-Eyed Dragon,” his exploits in China are detailed in the book Raiders of the China Coast. Made several visits to France where he was hailed as a war hero fro his part in freeing France from the Nazis; received Legion of Honor from French government. Suffered vision loss. Source: Los Angeles Times 8 July 2006: B-11.

Lafcadio Hearn. (1850-1904) Writer and translator. Named after the Greek island on which he was born of Greek-Irish parents. Raised in Ireland, England and France. Moved to USA in 1869. In 1890 he went to Japan for New Monthly Magazine. Stayed in Japan for the rest of his life, becoming a teacher, marrying a Japanese woman, Koizumi Setsuko. He became a citizen as Koizumo Yakumo. Published a series of books that gave the West its first sympathetic view of Japanese culture. Lost an eye in an accident at the age of 16. Sources: http://www.biography.com; Beauchamp, Edward R. “Hearn, Lafcadio.” Encyclopedia of Japan. Vol 3. P: 120-121.

People blind in one eye


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Wikipedia can be quite amazing at times.

Here's a list of famous people who used an eyepatch. It's not exactly what you're looking for, but I think it's a very good place to start.

ANd there was Kev Cameron - just an Aussie Bloke who likes his footy, cricket and not to mention a spot of fishing. Ah, we are all legends in our own lunchtime!  

Ah, yes, those famous one-eyed people, Osirus and Odin. C'mon, truthbetold! The question plainly asked for "Famous one-eyed PEOPLE." Osirus and Odin were mythological gods. What is it, you're trying to be clever and failing miserably?? :-D

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