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What relation are my cousins kids to me?

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I think they would be your second cousins.

I think they would be your second cousins.

In my family, we've just found it easiest to call 'em all cousins!

But here's a site with more information, as well as a chart (just scroll down the page to see the chart): www.answers.com/topic/cousin.

Hope that clears it up for you!

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I'm making the assumption that you are talking your first cousin (the child of your aunt/uncle)...then their children are your 1st cousins once removed. 

think of a tree (I usually use a Christmas Tree in my mind)

the top is a common ancestor (we'll say great grandparent)

the next layer is all that person's children

next layer is the previous layers children and so forth through the layers.

If the person is a cousin on the same layer as someone else they are 1st cousins.

the children of the 1st cousins are 2nd cousins....it has to do with how far back to the common ancestor. 

http://genealogy.about.com/library/nrelationshipchart.htm  this site is a good relationship chart...if need be print it off and write names in the locations...it helps

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First cousins once removed.

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This depends on what cousin you are talking about.  Google "Cousin Chart" to see  a chart explaining the relationship of various cousins children to you.  Clydene

Your cousin's kids are your first cousins once removed.  Your children and your

cousin's children are second cousins.  The easy way to remember this is that first

cousins once removed are removed one generation from you.  Second cousins are

in the same generation.  Does that help???

I believe it would be your first cousin once removed It would be your second cousin only if it was your mom or dad's first cousin. Mary Lou

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