How can I apologize to my ex girlfriend after I ...

How can I apologize to my ex girlfriend after I hurtfully disrespected her?On December 9th I tried to get back with my ex-girlfriend but, she finally got tired of my crap. She told me she didn't want me, and I was a loser and I had nothing to offer her. I was hurt and mad. I texted and voice mailed her by calling her a slut, bitch, hoe, and a lying loose ass white bitch. I emailed her last week by admitting that I was wrong, I had anger issues, and I wasn't ready to be in a realationship with her. She never responded back to me. She told my sister that she can't stand me and I am dead to her. What else can I do for her to forgive me ? How can she except my apology?

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YOU BLEW IT!  Now just leave her alone and learn from your mistakes.  She's better off without you...for now.

Get professional help and will be capable and worthy of loving.


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Yes, I agree. That would be a deal breaker.  She has every right and every reason to move on. Even if she forgave you that doesn't mean she has to be in a relationship with you. She might forgive you but still decide to move on with her life. She figures that she gave you enough of her time and as Faye said "you blew it". She is finished, done.  Learn your lesson, get counseling and you move on also.

You blew it move on the past is the past.

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I hate to say it, but it may be too late.  Time is the only thing that can fix this situation, and even that might not be enough.  Give her some space, and let the situation breathe.  If you're serious about getting back together with her, work on changing your behavior.  Take an anger management class.  Also, don't broadcast the fact that you're taking this class right away to her.  Let her know that you're taking it because you are sincerly concerned about your behavior and how you hurt her, and not just to get back together with her.

Try to keep some contact with you over the next few months, a text here, a "hello" there but thats it.  See if maybe she'll come back to you.

Sorry bud, if it doesn't work out.  But hey, you live and you learn - sometimes its painful but thats life.

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