I have loved the feel of angora against my bare ...

I have loved the feel of angora against my bare skin since my first fluffy sweater my stepdad got for my 14th birthday. Since then have I bought myself have lots more angora outfits, including dresses, cardigans and skirts and often get my stepdad to pay for them. My favourite is the pale blue halter dress and bolero that are 80% angora that my stepdad got me for my 19th a couple of months ago, mainly because of how excited I get when my boyfriend caresses me all over with the soft fluffy angora. Last weekend he got so excited that we went all the way while I still had the angora outfit on, it was so sensual! So the question is, I want to ask my boyfriend if I can wear my fluffy angora to bed more often, as it was the best time ever. I know he gets turned on by me wearing angora, but is it too kinky?

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I say whatever floats your boat there are certainly kinkier things than that and I doubt your boyfriend will object as long as you are having sex with him.

I think Sarah Shaw, this would be a question for you to ask your boyfriend, and not the globe. We aren't the ones who will be sleeping with you. 

SeriouslyUndecided I agree with anonymous, get a life and get lost! 

To kinky, hell no, whats wrong with kink... Keeps sex interesting, hell try toys as well, I bet you and you boyfriend would have lots of fun by trying other things as well...Don't worry bout being to kinky, have fun...

             You will fin that a lot of men will pay more attention to a women wearing angora or cashmere and even mohair thick and rich than most other materials.  Whether it is too kinky or not depends on you.  I feel that the benefit of wearing angora outway the down side.

Angora is the biggest turn on for men, seeing a girl wearing the fluffy sexy angora makes me so horny it's unbelievable. Ladies should be wearing angora more often, and men, if you get a chance to try angora knitwear, it's just pure ecstasy to wear and touch.

Sweetheart, I think I love you. I have a ton of angora sweaters and things that we could play in for days on end......

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