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I just cannot move on? I was in a relationship ...

I just cannot move on? I was in a relationship with a guy for 2 years ,who from day one was very committed to me,the very next month that we met he took me home to his mom and his friends and said that im the one he is going to marry. I was confirmed that i will be his wife and so we even went ahead and got physically involved with each other.Two weeks back his mom called me home and said that as per the astrologer our stars don't meet and hence her son cannot marry me. My guy rudely asked me to leave and said that his mom believed that i was unlucky for the house. The guy who would on every step say that he cannot live without me today even denies to talk properly to me. When i call him he speaks so rudely to me and denies to meet me at all and says he cannot go against his mothers wish. I am totally shattered and have lost all hope for living. i feel so rejected and worthless. I have quit my job and have given up on eating,i feel betrayed.I told him that my entire life was revolving around him and he needs to be a little patient with me and continue talking to me and meeting me till i find a job and stand on my feet again,but he refuses to and rudely wants to just get rid of me i fail to understand this human behavior,how can someone stop loving someone overnite? please help me.

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Kaya, count yourself lucky and don't fight so hard to renew this relationship. If you were to marry this fellow you would have two strikes against you, his mother and her astrology. So I would suggest that you call this momma's boy and his stargazing mother and say goodbye and thanks for warning me and saving me from a disasterous life.In other words, end your night of stars and go out into the sunlight where I hope you will soon find a healthier relationship.

You can't always spot a nut right off, but be glad you found out in time to make tracks. Don't give it another thought and close the door on these crazy people.

Well, you wouldn't want to marry a mama's boy anyway. And he obviously is one. That's not a good thing. He'll end up marrying someone just like his mother bu with sexual benefits. And probably be happy with that.

As for you, yes, it can be hard to move on. It took me years to get over the separation from my wife, whom I still love dealy. But we are still good friends. You have to move on. You deserve better than this little boy who still wants his mama's tit. Love is not something thaqt should make you hurt, but is something that should enhance your life. It takes some time, and some work to move on. It does. And as human beings, we tend to hold on to the pain and the drama because it makes us feel alive and makes us feel still connected. But you have to let go of that pain and drama. All it does is hurt you, believe me. I know this from long experience.

You cannot let your life revolve around someone else. Been there, done that. All it does is make you dependent on someone else. Your self esteem, your value, your worth, needs to come from you, not what someone else feels about you. Because, ultimately, you have to live with yourself and know you're working to be the best person you can be.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

2 years is a long time to be in a relationship .  I would count my blessings if I were you and move on to taking care of yourself and your life.  No one should have so much power over you that you would quit your job and give up on your life.  It is your choice to move on or give up.  I suggest you make a powerful choice for yourself in getting control of your life again.


Relationships are SIMPLE, when you LEARN How!

Dear lady, YOU are precious and of GREAT value, having been created for a special purpose by God to be here- the very sick man and his heartless family are deceived by false beliefs without moral values that have caused you so much pain and broke you heart..I too, was once so lost and hurting, having a husband of 29 years leave me and tell people i needed 'mental' help to cover up his abusive nature and actions, and the financial mess he had created. My five children are yong adults who were only more hurt by my committment to stay and try to appease their father, who cheated on me repeatedly, and caused us so much grief. the police didn't believe me , but the Women's services and church did, and I am so much better now. I have a loving husband, and feel better about myself. You are the ONLY one like you- you have talents and strength that will get you through this time- PLEASE call your local women's center, ask the hospital for the number, or the police dept.- they will help you with food, groceries, a place to stay- please get away from that creep who doesn't deserve you!! GO to a Bible believing church- they will be able to help you too- a Baptist church, an Assemblies of God, a Cornerstone or 4-square church- even a Methodist or Advent Christian Church- they will at least point you in the right direction, and most offer counceling for free- you deserve the love and care of a group of believers for support- please know that i am answering because I feel the Lod wants me to tell you this, and know that he sees your suffering and loves you !!!!!

I understand your pain, I too had been rejected in a relationship by someone who said those exact same words-that they couldn't live without me, that was until he met someone younger & more attractive. You MUST believe in yourself & your strengh. I don't know why this man is choosing to treat you this way but the fact is he has rejected you. Life is so precious & short you must not allow rejection to destroy you. This man is not what you need. You must begin to surround yourself with positive things like friends & family. I know you don't want to get up & face the day because of the pain but I promise, each day you get up & go without speaking or attempting to speak to this man, your life will start to become your own again-not his. Throw yourself into the things you love to do-the things you did before this relationship consumed you. Finding a job is the first step, make it your mission to find a job you love. As time goes by the pain will pass but you must not contact that man anymore if you do, you will only be prolonging the pain. Life is filled with so many wonderful things & if you find just a few of those things & focus on them you will get through this. You are strong & wonderful-every morning when you wake-start with those words to yourself. You will be surprised how fast this pain & hurt will become nothing but a memory. I hope this helps you. God Bless & Be Strong.

All things are possible if you set your mind to it. I love to help people if they have a problem & need advice.

Kaya, You asked how someone can just stop loving another, the answer is that he never loved you, Not in the right way, and not like you deserve. If his momma said all that about the stars and what have you, And he Listened to that, I feel you are way better off without them. And it sucks that after 2 yrs he comes up with that. If you had married him and had babies, Believe me one day he would come home and tell you "Sorry Honey that stars aren't in your favor" What then? Imagine you have babies with this man, Your future is so amazingly bright without him, There is a level headed person out there, And he has your name on him. Take this time to look at yourself, Look how beautiful you are, and then think about children, Would you really want him in your life to raise a family, And if you don't have kids, He and his momma would come up with some other crazy thing like they think you were abducted by aliens and they would want you to go back to your own planet, Really think about how your future is bright, And it will stay that way, unless you go back to him, Then if you do beware!!!! Those aliens may come on down and pay you a visit. Please no you are worth more than that. Good Luck Susan bungysqk@aol.com

With GOD U can

You can do ALL things through Christ Jesus who strenghtens you! I agree with everything all the others said. I would like to add some though, if you will. I think you dont have much self worth. I'm making this statement not to hurt your feelings, but to WAKE you! Never say you can not live without someone! Don't you know God is a jealous God! He dont want us putting nobody before him! He is the only one you cnat live without! Know and understand that you are worth more than what you are getting from this dude! I have no understanding of astrology, so I wont comment on that. I also think it is of no relevence. The only thing that is relevent is YOU! Stop telling yourself lies, like you cant live without him! Yes, you can! Leave those people alone, stop calling him, and start concentrating on yourself! Love God first, then yourself, and evrything else will fall into place! I promise! I just love me some me! It really doesnt matter who else dont love me, or likes me! Im really ALL I need! God too of course!! Time heals ALL wounds too. 

Be the hammer, not the nail!!

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