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How to get power of attorney

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A Power of Attorney is a written document that you can use to give another person the authority to act in your place.  The person you name to act in your place is referred to as your agent.

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If you want the right to act in place of another person, such as a parent who has trouble walking or hearing, that person will have to sign a power of attorney before a notary.  You can get a notary to come to your house if necessary.  The person signing has to be mentally competent and able to understand what they are signing.  You can get forms for Power of Attorney that list actions you can take, such as power to deposit checks, or to withdraw money, or to buy and sell stocks, or buy and sell real estate.  A Durable Power of Attorney allows you to continue to act even after the person becomes incompetent to act for themself.  A Springing Power of Attorney allows you to act only after the person becomes incompetent.

First of all you need to fill in certain forms to make a lasting power of attorney or you can take legal help from any nearest asset protection trust like How To Keep It In The Family. They will guide you the whole process and explain you the procedure and its benefits.

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